What People Say

What parents think of Otkrivatel School and the Montessori Method

How did you choose the kindergarten for your kid? What was the thing that helped you make a decision?
How and why you have selected Montessori education for your child?
What is the most important for your child education?
What do you expect from your child – how do you explain yourself his progress according to your own criteria?
What are your expectations and what is your understanding about the progress of your child?
Which is skill developed at the school has surprised you?
What you consider as the most important thing for your child at that moment?
How does your aproach towards your child evolve?
What are your thought about the assessment and traditional grades?
What is your opinion for not having homework?
What are the virtues and moral values you would like your child to develop?
How are you following up on your kid’s progress? How are you helping him at home?
Which Montessori principle you do implement at home?
The most challenging moment up until now as a parent was…
Which was the most challenging moment to you as a parent?
Define with one word Montessori education?
In which moment teachers are the most valuable with their help and advice?
How the school has helped you so far?
Would you recommend the Montessori method to your friends and why?