Why Otkrivatel

Authentic Montessori School

As a Montessori school, we are different from traditional schools. Our first commitment is to the development of the whole child. Cognitive development and a solid academic foundation are important, yet they represent only one dimension of our aspirations for your child. Equally important is your child’s social, emotional, spiritual and physical development. Children in our classes experience choice and freedom—within limits—during the school day. The child in the Montessori environment develops his individual gifts by choosing his own work and having the freedom to shape it and responsibility to follow it to completion. We treat each child with dignity and respect and expect that they will treat others with the same respect. We see each child as an individual and strive to provide an environment that helps develop the child’s unique gifts. With freedom comes the responsibility. In our classrooms, each child learns to balance personal freedom with a sense of responsibility to oneself, to others and to the community.

Prepared environment

Dr. Montessori said that the first responsibility of the teacher is to prepare the environment. Montessori materials should correspond to the developmental needs of the child at each level. Those materials must be attractive to the child, correct in size, aesthetically pleasing, well-maintained and complete. The entire environment must appeal to the child and inspire his work. We strive to make the environment emotionally supportive and safe for every child. That does mean that we work with every child in developmentally appropriate ways to deal with problems as they arise. We work according the high standards set by Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) and national educational requirements (license by Ministry of education and science), as well as high standards and professionalism of our team.

Natural development

The purpose of our work is providing an atmosphere in which children can develop at their own pace in a happy, enriched and safe environment of love, creativity and intellectual stimulation which educate personal mastery. Our aim is to serve the natural development of personal characteristics such as self-confidence, independence, initiative, curiosity and a lifelong learning. We serve the spirit of the child by creating an environment that allows for the development of the complete human being. Activities in the classroom allow the children to develop skills, both practical and academic, that will encourage intellectual development and create a firm foundation for further learning. We believe in laying the foundations for the child’s future learning, for their sense of themselves, respect and interest in the people and the world around them – an education for life.

Bilingual curriculum and Global education

Our program for bilingual atmosphere duplicates the conditions in which we all learn our first language—extended contact with a community of fluent speakers — and is by far the most effective method of language teaching. A number of children who come to Otkrivatel Montessori School have English as a second language at school. They are able to benefit by fully bilingual opportunity that our education offers. For this reason we have a full time qualified native speaker teachers who are supporting the english language comprehension. We provide more exposure to English, and ensure that children have the opportunity to develop themselves and be able to speak, write and read in both Bulgarian and English. Students encounter the foreign language and learn it gradually in real situations – in the give and take on everyday life. In these situations, language fills an unambiguous communication goal, which is either clear to the child or easily deducible from the context. Otkrivatel Montessori School creates a learning environment that involves global education – languages, world understanding, interdependencies, and cultures. Our advanced curriculum provides multi-disciplinary way that promotes active learners, critical thinking and creative approach. At the same time, we ensure that the children have as much fun and movement as possible and offer an additional range of activities depending on their age group.

Love to nature

Our children have the opportunity to play in the fresh air throughout the year. Children’s healthy index is monitored on a daily basis. We strive to educate them in healthy lifestyle and encourage them to be as physically active as possible every day. The Outdoor Program is an integral part of Otkrivatel’s curriculum and is designed to provide direct experiences with the nature; develop independence and self-confidence; foster personal responsibility and cooperation; offer challenge and adventure; and encourage environmental awareness and responsibility. As part of the curriculum gardening aims to develop respect towards nature, food and Earth. We organise nature walks to our nearby parks, excursions and picnics to the mountains, nature trails, horse riding and animal farms. The children learn about the life cycle, living organisms and their needs, the role of Sun and interdependences, ecology, food chain and healthy/unhealthy foods.

Inspiring team

The Montessori pedagogy is challenging, exciting and rewarding crafstmanship. Our team members are qualified as AMI Montessori Teachers and Assistants with a talent to work with children. Our team members bring a broad range of skills and experiences to their teaching. In additional to their university degrees, all teachers from the Toddler through Elementary level hold diploma from the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). Beyond their academic accomplishments, our teachers are driven by their love and commitment to support the child unique potential.

Parents commitment

It is essential that all Otkrivatel parents attend the parent education events offered throughout the year. The purpose of these events is to strengthen the child-parent-school relationships by offering programs and publications that focus on Montessori educational principles and practice, parenting and child developmental needs. The events are scheduled in the school calendar, reminders are sent via the monthly newsletter ‘Monthlink’ and the weekly update ‘Week Ahead’ and are held in both campuses – Paprat and Gluharche. Our library offers books for parents on various topics, including Montessori philosophy and parenthood. Open communication is an important aspect of our life at Otkrivatel Montessori School, and we believe in maintaining an atmosphere of support and understanding. We encourage parents to talk with teachers whenever they have a question or need information from inside the classroom. Children benefit most from our environment if parents and teachers communicate regularly in both formal meetings and informal conversation. By working together we can design a program that will respond to the individual needs of your child. Otkrivatel Montessori School uses written feedback to communicate child’s progress at school. Observations by the teacher are shared with parents through our online platform which parents have access to at all times. Written progress report is received twice annually, in February and June.