Birth - 18 months

Only through freedom and environmental experience is it practically possible for human development to occur.

Dr. Maria Montessori

Learning About Your Baby

Your infant is an extraordinary being! So sensitive, so intelligent, so finely tuned to the spoken and unspoken messages surrounding them. Same as you, they could never have enough love or care. They are people, just like you. Join our program as we discuss, share and reflect on this incredible person you will meet and the first few months of her life. Crawling. First words. Walking.

Preparation of the Home Environment

What is the “ideal environment” for the first two weeks after birth, the symbiotic period and the establishment of the preferential relationship, the period of peuperium and the four areas of the home and why we provide them? You discover all these in addition to information for environments for infants between 5 and 36 months. Your infant is sensitive to change and routine. They grow quickly and their environment needs to change to meet the their changing needs. We will prepare you to ensure consistency to help your child feel safe and comfortable.

Nursing and Weaning

Benefits of breast feeding, colostrum, the perfect food for the newborn, on demand vs. scheduled feedings, feeding methods, and nutrition. Signs of readiness to begin weaning, the sensitive period for weaning, and the psychological changes in the relationship between mother and baby during the weaning process.

Supporting Movement and Language Development

Language is one of the most obvious of the human creations. We discuss this from the point of view of the four necessities for language development, ways to support it, obstacles in that period, and their relationship to the development of movement. Possible inclusions: music, dance and singing as methods of communication, brain development and the neurological construction that allows for language development.

Understanding Developmental Needs

Your infant’s mind is sensitive and is developing rapidly. He is eager to make discoveries each day. The child’s nature is to aim directly and energetically at functional independence. The child’s conquest of independence begins with his first introduction to life. While developing, they perfect themselves and overcome every obstacle on their path. With our program, you will learn a lot about the attitude of the adult and developmental crises.

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Fee for the program – Development from Bump to 18 months – 2022-2023

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Please join us while we discuss what an amazing human being your child is and the first few months of their lives.

Format of the program

We sit down and handcraft some amazing children’s toys you cannot find in our country. While we work we discuss some fundamental key aspects of the child’s development related to the first few months of their life.

Available sessions

  • Monday: 4-6 pm
  • Wednesday: 2-4 pm


  1. The symbiotic period
  2. Preparation of the Home Environment
  3. Nursing and Weaning
  4. Movement Development
  5. Language Development
  6. Independence as part of the personality


Full program 297
Single session 62

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