Questions About Admission

What is your admission procedure?

The school accepts students if there are any places available at the school. Admission of students complies with the requirements and conditions made by the School Governance and Pedagogical Committee in accordance with relevant regulations. Please review our Application Process page for more details.

What is the tuition?

Tuition will be published in January along with the tuition for the other levels. Please review our Tuition page for more details.

Why is Child visit necessary?

This is an opportunity your child to visit the classroom and meet some of his peers and teachers. It allows our team to meet your child and get a sense of their level of independence, self-direction, social and emotional development, interests and consider the setting which would meet best their developmental needs.

Do you accept transfer students from non-Montessori schools?

Yes, we accept transfer students from non-Montessori schools, if there are available places. Each child could benefit from student-centered learning environment. In admission, we evaluate the level of independence, social and emotional skills of the child and the readiness to join one of our classrooms. Contact us for further information: