Questions About Toddlers Community

What is the size of one class and student-teacher ratio in a Toddlers classroom?

We meet the standard established by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), which include guidelines for class size. During the Core School Day our low student-to-faculty ratio enables us to place a strong focus on the child and support him for raising up of “I can” sense. Our Toddlers community involves a maximum of 15 children supported by an AMI trained teacher and 1 or 2 assistants.

Does my child need to take a nap?

Toddlers and Primary children are encouraged to have a nap time, but naps are optional. Toddlers and Primary children who are enrolled in the Full-day programme will have a nap time (optional) or a quiet relaxing time after the lunch.

What is your potty-training process?

The potty training process will begin upon notification from either the parents or the teacher that the child is ready. We dedicate up to a month to the potty-training process, while the school and the parents will work on this process congruently till the child is successfully potty trained.