Extended Day Program

The school day is split into Core school day – 8:00am – 4:30pm, and Extended school day – 4:30 – 6:00pm. The summer holiday is in August.

The Extended School Day program of Otkrivatel Montessori School provides a continuation of the Montessori philosophy of mutual respect, independence and cooperation to which the students are accustomed in the classroom. The clubs and extra classes play a large part of school life, with a wide variety of activities available to primary and elementary students. The clubs are part of the Extended day program, which is available every day in the week. A list of clubs is provided through the monthly newsletter to parents before the school year and is available at our online system.

Throughout the year, specialty instructors from the community offer optional classes in subjects such as dancing, swimming, football, tennis, theatre, arts, digital art and robotics, and world languages. These classes vary from year to year and are offered to different age groups and at different levels of expertise. These classes are selected and supervised by our Coordinator. A student could sign in for Extended day, classes and clubs for the school term or the school year.


Theatre Class

Exploring moods and feelings. Children dress up and paint their faces in order to illustrate projects, role-play and develop their confidence.

Dancing Club

Dancing classes give opportunity children to explore various dancing styles from around the world. It teaches movements control and exploration and coordination. There are variety of clubs by interest – classical ballet, hip-hop, folklore dancing.

Yoga Club

Yoga for children specifically addresses the needs and capabilities of children. It cultivates motor skills, flexibility and is great fun.

Football Club

Otkrivatel’s football team is organised in a partnership with Dragalevtsi Sport Complex. Every week the children attending Football class have the activities with a professional coach.

Tennis Lessons

Otkrivatel’s students attend tennis lessons. We provide two programs – for beginners, and for advanced tennis players.

Swimming Class

Swimming lessons are suitable for both toddlers and primary and elementary aged children. In partnership with Swimming Club Spark, we teach a natural and smooth swimming style, starting with simple skills that we build on in line with your child’s physical ability and confidence.

World Languages Classes

Most of the students at Otkrivatel participate in German or Spanish lessons twice per week, working toward cultural awareness of differences and developing some elementary conversation skills. World languages are taught by native speakers and include participation in cultural experiences such as singing, dancing, native arts and crafts, cooking, and celebrating native holidays.

Digital arts and robotics Club

The program helps children develop their logical and analytical thinking by studying the fundamentals of programming. Robotics classes aim to direct children’s interest in technology in a direction that will help them acquire the basic digital skills and competences, logical and analytical thinking needed for success in every field.