Inside Otkrivatel

От 2023-06-20 16:30:00

До 2023-06-20 17:30:00

Dear teenagers and parents,

International, multicultural, holistic, developmental, connected. All of these are the hallmarks of the education provided by the high school programme at the Otkrivatel Montessori Secondary School.

Please join us for a special event, “Inside Otkrivatel,” on Tuesday, 20th June, at 4:30 pm and learn more about the secondary education offered at “Otkrivatel”.

During the event, you will receive answers to all of your questions, including:

  • What are the benefits of holistic education?
  • What does the IB programme offer students?
  • How does the Montessori approach support adolescent growth into adulthood?
  • What is the profile of a learner at “Otkrivatel”?
  • What does a typical school day look like?
  • Why do students practice social organisation?
  • What is the value of a multilingual approach?
  • How does “Otkrivatel” prepare young people for life?

To participate, please register here.

We eagerly await our meeting and the opportunity to address your queries!

In the meantime, please watch the video and get inspired for the upcoming event.