Summer Week 4: The English Language and Art through Nature’s Eyes

От 2022-07-11 09:00:00

До 2022-07-15 16:00:00

English sessions outdoors. Create art through and with our surroundings. Creating projects through language and art together as a community. We will study the history of language and communication. Using techniques and ideas that humans have used for thousands of years to satisfy their spiritual needs.

The plan includes:

Story of Communication and clay cuneiforms

Language games outdoors

Hieroglyphics of the Egyptians


Roman Numerals with activities

Tree of Life Project

Nature poetry and symbolisation

Haikus and Acrostic Poetry

English drama and costume making

Making Bird Feeders


  1. The lessons will be held at Otkrivatel Children’s House
  2. Menu – picnic lunch and afternoon snack.
  3. Fee per child – 250 lv. per week (10% discount for enrolling a second child from the family)

For additional information and registration, please contact us: