Open House Event

От 2023-03-07 17:00:00

До 2023-03-07 19:00:00

Dear parents of future innovators,

We invite you to our “Open House” event on Tuesday, March 7, at 5:00pm at 6, Bolgrad Str.

At this event, we will introduce you to the unique culture and learning environment of “Otkrivatel” and introduce you to some key aspects of the school program:

  • Community of collaboration where in a diverse and inclusive culture, we are supporting with care the development of children’s talents, the student is free to become the authentic self and every learner reaches their full potential in an unique learning environment.
  • Individualised learning meets the student where s/he is, gives them personal growth opportunities and supports to develop their character.
  • Broad, balanced and connected holistic education offers the students a broad picture of the universe and human civilisation, a deep understanding of the interdependencies, order and harmony in nature and society, key discoveries and hand-on experiences aiding the inter-cultural mindset, positive leadership, critical thinking, creativity and problem solving.
  • Multi-language approach enables our students to become knowledgable, curious  and reflective life-long learners, thinkers and communicators who can connect concepts, ideas and people, and grow as caring open-minded global citizens.

If you come with your children, they will have an exciting opportunity to participate in some interesting activities – Sports Games, Arts&Crafts or a Math Seminar.

You can confirm your participation here.

Love + Respect,