Parents Workshop: Zero Is a Hero

От 2024-03-27 17:00:00

До 2024-03-27 18:30:00

Parents Workshop: Discovering the Superhero in Math

Unlock the magic of numbers with us at the upcoming “Zero Is a Hero” workshop, a captivating journey into the world of mathematical thinking designed exclusively for parents.

Transforming the Abstract into the Absolute

Our focus is the enchanting world of mathematical abstraction, a domain where ideas flourish, and numbers tell stories. Abstraction, or “the quality of dealing with ideas”, serves as our guiding star. Together, we’ll explore mathematics as a universal language, a fundamental human heritage that transcends cultures and ages, especially during the pivotal second plane of development (ages 6-12).

This is an invitation to view math not as a hurdle your child must overcome, but as a fascinating journey they are innately equipped to embark upon. We’re moving beyond the question of whether children are ready for math to how we can nurture and develop their inherent mathematical reasoning, logic, and understanding.

Join Us for an Enlightening Afternoon

Mark your calendars for March 27th for an afternoon filled with insights, enlightenment, and engagement. Dive deep into the essence of mathematical thinking and discover how “Zero Is a Hero” can inspire both you and your child.

We encourage you to secure your spot in this transformative seminar by requesting your participation here. Embrace this opportunity to enhance your perspective on mathematics and support your child’s educational journey in a profound way.

We look forward to welcoming you to an event that promises to change the way you and your child perceive and appreciate the world of mathematics.