100th Day of School

От 2023-02-17 17:00:00

До 2023-02-17 19:00:00

Nature never breaks its own laws.
~ Leonardo da Vinci

We invite all parents to join us  on Friday, 17th of February, at 5:00pm to the children’s performance on the occasion of “The Hundredth School Day“.
Expect songs, theatre performance and music play.

The students will tell you the story of coming of life. Prepare for a magical experience of diving deep into deep time. The story has purports the harmony and interdependency of all life. In this story it is not competition that allows for survival, but cooperation and creativity. You will see how the life makes all sorts of ‘experiments’, which we call adaptation, and as the biologist E.O. Wilson says:
“For every organism, there exists o problem, far the solution of which that organism is ideally suited.”

We looking forward to meeting you on 17th of February from 5:00pm at the City Mark Art Center at 30 Yanko Sakazov Blvd.