New year concert and charity bazaar

Thank you for our shared live experience at the New Year’s concert and Charity bazaar.
The fund raised is 2 385 BGN. The children from Otkrivatel will buy and send packaged food and hygiene materials for children  in need.
The children from the elementary community chose to support the initiative of “People for People” foundation for collecting food and hygiene materials for children with and without disabilities who grow up in social homes in Sofia, Karlovo, Samokov, Dren, Gabrovo and Mezdra. With the funds raised from the charity bazaar, Otkrivatel’s students will buy and send packaged food for the children’s daily menu, as well as hygienic materials so that the directors of the homes can use the saved funds for emerging needs that are difficult to cover with their limited budgets.
Learning to help. Helping to learn.