Summer Discovery Weeks

19 June - 25 August 2023 Sofia from 9:00 to 17:00

Weekly programs that spark learning, exploration, discovery and fun.
From 6 to 15 years – Open to Otkrivatel students and pupils from other schools

The Summer Discovery Weeks of Otkrivatel Montessori School offer an exciting opportunity for 6-15 year-old students to continue their learning experience and practice new skills in a safe environment. It gives opportunities for creativity, discovery, active play, social interaction and fun.

Each week is designed around a specific theme for students to discover and investigate. Students will take part in creative projects with language, math and science activities, singing and playing, outdoor games, field trips, sports and more, that stimulate children creativity for them to learn while having fun, all wrapped up in that week’s theme.

Each day builds with new projects and activities, progressing towards a larger scale project at the end of the week. Our program puts fun first so children don’t even realise they are learning!

The learning environment is thoughtfully prepared with materials and hands-on activities to engage all of their senses while promoting big work, creativity, movement, cooperation and collaboration. STEAM-inspired activities enrich your child’s experience through Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math.

A week filled with projects, leaving your child wanting more. Your child will practice art using varying techniques and materials. Beyond embracing the wonders of art, students will increase their fine motor skills, visual- spatial organisation, self-esteem and confidence.

Abundant sunshine and fresh air are a must as children enjoy daily play on our nature-inspired playground, near by park, forest and mountain. Every week the students have a Culture Exploration/Visit, Nature hike and a Field trip.

Summer students can choose their sport activities – swimming, tennis or football, that are once a week and incorporated within the daily schedule. In this premier level class children will focus on individual skill, fitness and sportsmanship all while providing an opportunity for your child to be challenged through fun and games.

Montessori elements of independence, choice and responsibility carry over into the Summer Discovery Weeks environment as we continue to inspire children to be their best possible selves.

Delicious and organic lunch and snacks are included, and after-school care is available.

Bulgarian and English language native teachers for each group (12 children per group maximum) and one coordinator helping all the time and in a safe environment.


  • Interdisciplinary projects
  • Drama & improvisation
  • Poetry and creative writing
  • Music and Instrument exploration
  • Mixed media art
  • Brain power fitness
  • Lego® Coding
  • Board games
  • Team sports
  • Large group games
  • Nature hikes
  • Field trip
  • Sports – Swimming, Tennis or Football
  • Skate boards, rollers, tennis, football

Our goal

Our purpose is to develop empowered global citizens in partnership with their families.

Our values

Discovery – Always encourage curiosity and a love of learning in one’s self and others
Independence – Work individually and within a group with maximum effort
Respect – Remember everyone has worth and dignity – be mindful, be considerate
Empathy – Understand other’s perspective and treat all people with kindness
Collaboration – With an open mind, contribute to the common good
Trust – Be you – authentic and sincere while trusting every child’s process

We will work on the following weekly topics engaging the children through positive reinforcement and motivation, to create a natural stimulus towards language learning and development:

Week 1
19th June - 23rd June
Imagine that!
Week 2
26th June - 30th June
Storybook: Arts and Words Exploration
Week 3
3rd July - 07th July
Bridges, Wings and Flying Things
Week 4
10th July - 14th July
Travel Time
Week 5
17th July - 21st July
Food Factory
Week 6
24th July - 28th July
Mad Science
Week 7
31st July - 4th August
Explore, Think, Persist, and Connect
Week 8
7th August - 11th August
Imagine: Arts & World of Culture
Week 9
14th August - 18th August
Clay, Water & Paper Creations
Week 10
21st August - 25th August
Magical Theatre

Sample Schedule

Everyday at Otkrivatel Discovery Weeks is meant to be unique. We endeavor to be constantly exploring whether in our learning environment, going on wilderness adventures, or traveling to visit locations first-hand to witness Bulgarian culture, landscape, animals and plants up close and personal. Each week will have cultural visit and hiking, along with a field trip and nature walks and games that relate to the topic at-hand.

8:00 - 9:00amArrival
9:00am Day begins; Daily Overview Meeting
9:30amExplore Theme and Interdisciplinary Projects’s content for the day - presentations, exercises, research, experiments, Poetry and creative writing, Brain power fitness, Crafts
10:30am Depart for Theme-Relevant Field Trip; have lunch on-site (Wed)*
1:00pmOutdoor games
2:00pmDrama & improvisation / Cooking / Storytelling / Reading
3:00pmReturn to Otkrivatel Campus; Reflect and Discuss (Wed)*
3:30pmMusic and Instrument exploration (Mon)
Lego® Coding (Tue)
Mixed media art (Wed)
Outdoor games and Sports - Swimming, Tennis or Football (Thur)
Great work from the week (Fri)
4:30pmWrap-up of the day
5:00pmGoing home
*The days of a Field trip

Register now

The online registration is automatically setup for payment-in-full. Bank payment is available and in order to guarantee the space, payment is due within 3 days. Once registration is completed, an invoice will be emailed as confirmation that space is available in the Summer Weeks. You will be notified directly if a week is full. Once payment is complete, space is guaranteed. Registration closes when the week is full or the Monday two weeks prior to the start of week, whichever comes first. Registration is on a first-come and first-served basis. Early registration is encouraged.

For any questions please email us at


The all-inclusive tuition includes all supplies, materials, and admission fees for field trips; after-care is complimentary with enrollment:

Number of weeksTuition per Week (EUR)

Early bird registrations by 30th of April provides 5% discount.

Cancellation Policy

All programs are subject to a minimum enrollment and cancellation if not met. In the event that a class is full or cancelled, parents will be notified as soon as possible.

A refund must be requested prior to June 10.

There is a 50 EUR non-refundable processing fee for each week’s cancellation initiated by a parent.

If Otkrivatel cancels a week, a full refund will be given.

No refunds are given for a child who arrives late, leaves early, or comes to a part of a week.


Please contact our Coordinator with questions at: or call +359 885 500 155

Summer students at Otkrivatel Montessori participate in many activities over the summer including cooking and science experiments. It is best to prepare your child with appropriate clothes for these occasions and more. Please support your child to prepare a cubby to include an indoor shoes, swim suit, towel, wind-stopper and a pair of extra clothes at all times.

A healthy variety of organic meals are provided daily for children at Otkrivatel Montessori.
Dietary restrictions and food allergies are accommodated by our catering team. Please note that our meals are nut-free and that no food from home should be brought to school. Look at our weekly menu to learn more.

Option one summer students may arrive anytime between 8:00-9:00 AM for morning activities and are welcome to stay until the end of the day, 5:00 PM. Option two children may attend from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM. Please always remember to sign your child in and out during arrival and pick up.

Otkrivatel Montessori summer staff come from multiple backgrounds. Many of our teachers are the community guides and special teachers your children know and love from the school year. We also expand our summer team to part-time specialists with backgrounds in sports, education, child development, psychology, teaching and more.