18 - 36 months

The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind.

Dr. Maria Montessori

Help Me to Do It Myself

In our Toddler Community, we nurture your child’s path toward independence. Children master vital life skills and grow in self-confidence through structured routines that help them adapt to their environment, understand the world, and develop a foundational sense of self and internal order. Our young learners engage with scientifically designed materials that develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination, focusing on nurturing their hands and refining the pincer grip.

Not a Classroom, a Community

Our space transcends the traditional classroom; it’s a vibrant community scaled to the perspective of a young child. Here, children assist each other with dressing, sing with adults, or engage in cleaning activities, fostering an environment of respect and trust. This constructive atmosphere nurtures engaged, interested children, gradually knitting individual moments into a caring, collaborative community where collective learning thrives.

A Cosy Environment

Our classroom supports children experiencing community life and participating in developmental activities. This inviting space promotes activities that foster independence and support language and motor development, enhancing a positive “I can” self-image. Children paint, cook, garden, and sing, engaging with materials that develop fine and gross motor skills in a structured, loving environment.

Absorbing Language

Our nurturing language environment leverages stories, books, songs, picture cards, and conversations to support rapid language development. We surround the children with a rich and stimulating conversation to support this once-in-a-lifetime period of rapid language development. The child’s mind effortlessly absorbs the new vocabulary, which plants the seeds for reading, writing and self-expression in the future. 

Freedom of Movement

We celebrate the child’s need to move and explore, designing our environment to support their love of movement and the need for safety, order, and as much freedom as they can handle. This nurturing setting allows children to develop their abilities, manage personal freedom, and learn to resolve conflicts within positive limits.

First Friends

Making first friends and learning how to function within a community is a life-shaping experience for your child. Your child emerges with solid friendships that will continue as she moves through the rest of the programs at Otkrivatel.

Educators Who Care

Our Montessori educators are more than teachers—they are guides who observe, understand, and respond to each child’s needs. With a deep respect for toddlers’ intrinsic desire to learn, our educators provide just the right amount of support to encourage exploration and independence. They are specially trained to recognise sensitive periods of development and are skilled at facilitating activities that enrich the learning experience.

Parental Involvement and Community

At Discover Montessori Children’s House, we see parents as partners in their children’s educational journey. We offer regular updates, workshops, and seminars that help parents understand the Montessori method and how it benefits their child’s development. We aim to create a cohesive community where educators and families work together to provide a foundational experience supporting lifelong learning.

Join Our Community

As your child approaches the age of three, their world expands, and so does their readiness for new learning experiences. At Discover Montessori Children’s House, we’re prepared to support this transition with a community that respects each child’s pace and interests.

Ready to see your child thrive in an environment that fosters autonomy, curiosity, and respect? Contact us today to learn more about our toddler community or to schedule a visit. Let’s nurture your child’s potential together every step of the way.

Dani is extremely independent, We got rid of the diaperf in two days. I can surely say theat Otkrivatel was the best choice for Dani’s development. Thank you so much to the entire team!

A mother

At Otkrivatel Children’s House and more specifically the Toddlers community we not only found а good relationship, but also real friends! It is very important for us for Silvia to receive individualised approach that will support her in her development in the best way possible. Silva is very happy to attend the Children’s House, she develops new skills and is able to transfer her knowledge at home. The Montessori Method develops the child’s independence and is based on the child’s plane of development, it supports the willingness and creativity of the child. The child has the freedom to choose the materials they want to work and experiment with. The Children’s House has a fantastic backyard with slides and swings, where the children not only have fun, but also plant flowers and other plants, take care of them and observe them growing. Polite, calm and attentive – the guides are always next to them to help them do the work themselves! They are the same way with us – they take time to guide us and give us advise on how to understand our child and support them to develop their full potential. Thank you!

Pavela and Phillip – Parents of Silva Krasini, 2yrs 7 months

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Tuitions of Discover Montessori Children’s House are revised on an annual basis. The tuition includes:          

  • Education according to: 
    • the Bulgarian state requirements.
    • international standards for holistic Montessori education.
    • Early years programme (PYP Early Years) of the International Baccalaureate (IB).
  • Bespoke individualised program responding to the child’s needs.
  • English language education is conducted through a bilingual program by native English teachers.
  • Core school day by 5:00 pm. Extended school day by 6:00 pm.
  • Extra activities: yoga, arts and crafts, music, theatre.
  • Meals: morning breakfast in the morning, fruits and vegetables, lunch, and afternoon snack.
  • Visit theatre or music productions and activities in a museum or galleries.
  • Medical professional attention includes morning checks, first aid, and prevention measures.
  • Annual “Accident” insurance.

Extracurricular activities, which require additional payment:

  • Clubs (dancing, Spanish class, piano).
  • Sports (swimming).
  • Ski and green camps.
  • Trips and learning activities outside Sofia.
  • Classes with a speech therapist.

Tuition for School year 2024-25:

Program Age One payment Two instalments Monthly payments
Toddlers 18 – 36 months 1 x 9 000 = 9 000 2 х 4 650 = 9 300 1 х 2 200 and 10 x 740 = 9 600
Early Years 3 – 4,5 years 1 x 8 800 = 8 800 2 х 4 550 = 9 100 1 х 2 200 and 10 x 710 = 9 300


  • Signing a 3-year contract provides a 5% discount. 
  • For a second child in the family, a 5% discount is applied to their annual tuition fee. 
  • For a third child and twins in the family, a 7% discount is applied to his annual tuition fee. 

School year:

  • 1 September – 31 July.  

Terms of payment:

1 payment
by 1st June
2 payments
by 1st June and 1st of September
11 monthly payments
from September till July


A 15% tuition deposit is payable upon signing the educational contract. The deposit guarantees the child’s place in the program and is refunded from the first paid instalment of the tuition for the academic year.


One-time enrolment fee in the amount of 500 EUR.

Learning Resources:

The learning resources fee of 300 EUR is paid for the entire academic year.

Extended day

In response to the needs of working parents, a child may be enrolled in Extended School Day from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm. For the academic year 2024/2025, the Extended Day fee is 1 500 euro. The fee is annual and can be paid once or in three equal instalments of 500 euro before the beginning of each term – autumn (September 1 – February 1), spring (February 1 – June 1), summer (June 1 – July 30).

Summer School:

Young students can attend summer school from 1st to 25th of August. The Summer School fee is per week.

All figures are in euro.

For more information, please contact us: