Extended Day Program

Extended Day Program

The school day is split into Core school day – 8:00am – 4:30pm, and Extended school day – 4:30 – 6:00pm.

The Extended School Day program of Discover Montessori School provides a continuation of the Montessori philosophy of mutual respect, independence and cooperation to which the students are accustomed in the classroom. The clubs and extra classes play a large part in school life, with various activities available to primary and elementary students. The clubs are part of the Extended day program, which is available every day of the week. A list of clubs is provided to parents through the monthly newsletter before the school year and is available on our online system.

Throughout the year, speciality instructors from the community offer optional classes in subjects such as dancing, swimming, football, tennis, theatre, arts, digital art and robotics, and world languages. These classes vary from year to year and are offered to different age groups and at various levels of expertise.


Digital Arts and Robotics

The program helps children develop their logical and analytical thinking by learning the basics of programming. Robotics classes aim to channel children’s interest in technology in a direction that will help them acquire basic digital skills and competencies, as well as logical and analytical thinking, necessary for success in any field.

World Languages

Most students in Discover Montessori School participate in intensive language acquisition classes with German and Spanish lessons, where they work to be aware of cultural differences and develop conversational skills. Foreigners teach world languages and include participation in cultural experiences such as singing, dancing, local arts and crafts, cooking, and celebrating local holidays.

Swimming Class

Swimming is suitable for all children. In partnership with the “Spartak” Swimming Complex, children naturally and smoothly enter swimming styles, starting with simple skills that are upgraded according to the child’s physical abilities and confidence.

Tennis Lessons

Children from Discover Montessori School attend tennis lessons. We offer two programs – for beginners and for advanced.

Football Team

The football team of Discover Montessori School is organized in partnership with the sports complex “Slavia” in close proximity to the school. Training is twice a week on a football pitch.

Yoga Class

Yoga for children is specifically aimed at the needs and capabilities of children, developing motor skills, a sense of self, and flexibility in an atmosphere of lots of fun.

Dancing Classes

Dance classes allow children to explore different dance styles from around the world. This teaches motor control, movement exploration and coordination. There are different clubs for activities – classical ballet, hip-hop, and folk dance.

Theatre Class

Recognising and understanding moods and feelings. Younger children dress up and paint their faces, participate in performances, skits, and role plays, and develop their confidence.

We develop creative individuality with the students. We work for synchronicity to improve the voice – intonation, breathing, diction, articulation – through special exercises for strength, timbre, speed, clarity of sound extraction, melodicity, rhythmicity, etc. We act out sketches, invent plays. We challenge the memory of the mind, the body, the heart, and the memory of the senses to work.