End of School Year Celebration Was a Great Success!

Dear Parents and Students,

We are thrilled to share the wonderful moments from our End of School Year Celebration!

On June 14 our school community gathered at Vitosha, Ecostation, for an afternoon filled with joy, laughter, and togetherness. The event was a fantastic way to celebrate the achievements and memories of the past school year.

Event Highlights:

Picnic: Families brought their favorite dishes to share, creating a delightful outdoor dining experience. The variety of delicious food added to the festive atmosphere.

Sports Games: The sports activities were a hit, with everyone participating in soccer, relay races, and tug-of-war. It was fun for all ages, promoting teamwork and friendly competition.

What Made the Day Special:

  • Families spread out picnic blankets and mats, creating a cosy environment.
  • The shared food and beverages brought everyone closer together.
  • Comfortable clothing and shoes allowed everyone to enjoy the sports activities to the fullest.
  • Sunscreen and hats kept us protected while we enjoyed the sunny weather.
  • The smiles and good vibes from everyone made the day truly unforgettable.

We are grateful for the participation and enthusiasm of our students, parents, and teachers. This celebration marked the end of a wonderful school year, and we look forward to many more such joyous occasions.

Let’s cherish these memories and continue to build a strong, connected school community!