Slavina: Independence and Initiative

Slavina, a proactive 6th grader at Discover Montessori School, has excelled within the academic curriculum and in crucial life skills that extend far beyond the classroom. One of her most impactful experiences was organising multiple school outings, which not only challenged her leadership skills but also her ability to work collaboratively and independently. Slavina reflects, “Organising school outings taught me about responsibility and the real-world consequences of our actions, both as a group and individually.”

Discover Montessori School has been pivotal in fostering Slavina’s independence. Her experiences at the school have equipped her with practical skills and the confidence to handle various life situations—skills she believes will be invaluable after she turns 18. “The school taught me how to be self-sufficient and proactive, qualities that will aid me long after my schooling ends,” she shares.

A significant lesson Slavina learned through her leadership roles was that freedom comes with a price. “When we organise outings or projects, if one person errs, it affects everyone. Yet, there are times when the responsibility is one’s alone,” explains Slavina. This realisation has helped her understand the balance between collective responsibility and personal accountability.

Aside from her academic achievements, Slavina has honed valuable life skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, and independence. These skills were particularly evident when she took on additional responsibilities without direct supervision from teachers. “Learning to manage tasks independently without constant guidance from a teacher was empowering,” she notes.

Discover Montessori School’s unique approach has prepared Slavina for future academic and life challenges by teaching her the importance of self-motivation and discipline. “The school instilled in me the practice of demanding excellence from myself, being proactive, and maintaining discipline,” she says, underscoring how these qualities are essential for success.

For new students entering Discover Montessori, Slavina advises embracing the journey of self-discovery. “Discover yourselves. Use the opportunities here to find out what makes you passionate, what challenges you, and how you can grow,” she advises. She believes this is the key to making the most of their educational experience.

Slavina’s experiences at Discover Montessori School highlight how the educational environment has enhanced her academic knowledge and prepared her for the complexities of the adult world. Her story is a testament to the school’s commitment to developing well-rounded individuals who are ready to take on the world with confidence and capability.