Vasilena’s Growth: Teamwork and Tenacity

Vasilena, a diligent 6th grader at Discover Montessori School, has made significant strides in both her personal and academic life. Her journey through the school has been marked by learning how to effectively collaborate with a diverse group of peers, some of whom she rarely communicated with previously. Reflecting on her experiences, she shares, “I learned to work in a team with people I rarely communicate with and to help those in need, which has significantly shaped my personal growth.”

Throughout her time at Discover Montessori School, Vasilena has embraced opportunities to work in teams, enhancing her ability to understand and connect with others from different backgrounds. This has not only improved her communication skills but has also fostered a deep sense of gratitude for her surroundings and the people in her life. “My time here has taught me to appreciate everything I have and everyone around me,” Vasilena explains.

One of Vasilena’s key strengths is her ability to identify problems and strategically think through solutions. This skill was particularly evident in a project where she had to lead her team through a challenging task. “First, I identify the problem, then assess what resources we need, and finally make a plan. This approach has helped me tackle various challenges,” she recounts.

The most valuable skill Vasilena has honed at Discover Montessori is her ability to handle challenges with resilience. She has learned that giving up is never an option and that persistence often leads to finding solutions. “I’ve learned not to give up but to persistently look for solutions,” she states proudly. This mindset has enabled her to overcome obstacles that initially seemed insurmountable.

For new students joining Discover Montessori School, Vasilena offers advice that speaks to her independent spirit: “Be independent in the decisions you make and don’t wait for someone to tell you what to do. Taking the initiative is key to personal and academic success.”

Vasilena’s journey at Discover Montessori School exemplifies how the integration of teamwork, gratitude, creativity, and resilience can lead to substantial personal growth. Her experiences and the skills she has developed prepare her for future academic challenges and life beyond school. Her story is a testament to the empowering environment at Discover Montessori, where students learn to thrive independently and collaboratively.