The 100th Day of School: A Deep Dive into Deep Time and a Celebration of Life and Man

Happy 100th Day of School!

The week before February 17th, students of every level had a fun-filled mornings participating in activities and assignments centered around the theme of one hundred. Students made necklaces with 100 beads, counted 100 items, artistic posters with the shape of 100, wrote stories with 100 words, created lists of 100 things, and much, much more rehearsals.

It is such a lovely way to celebrate being a student at Otkrivatel.

On February 17th, our community of students, teachers and parents celebrated the “The 100th Day of School”. With songs, music play and theatre performance for children and adults, we celebrates life and its evolution on Earth as well as the power of the human being as a agent of creation with a heart, imagination and power to create.

The students of the elementary present to us their authentic story “The Coming of Life”, diving deep into deep time and revealing with music, art and fun facts the secrets of the seas, land, living creatures that have disappeared and those that surround us today.

The history of human beings is about people like us. It goes on and includes us. Adolescents tell us about the greatness of the human spirit, courage and legacy. In a very emotional way, they represent the life, death and eternity of the Apostle – Vasil Levski.

Enjoy some snapshots of the students, joy, energy and enthusiasm!