Anna-Mariya and the first in the world AMI Diploma course 12-18

Dear Community,
We are proud to announce that Anna-Maria has completed the first in the world AMI Diploma course for ages 12-18, that recently took place in Sweden. The course in itself is a historical event, since only orientation training courses in this area of expertise have been conducted so far. Anna-Maria was joined by teachers from Spain, France, Norway, Germany, India, Slovenia where the number of Montessori schools up to 18 years of age is growing.
And now Anna-Maria is one of the two Montessori pedagogues in Europe to hold an international certificate for the three planes of development – 0-6, 6-12 and 12-18 years of age. The other honorary is her trainer – Jenny Höglund.
Here are some thoughts Anna-Maria has about adolescence education:

I believe that revolution in traditional education is needed if we want our children and grandchildren to live joyful, peaceful and harmonious lives. Dr. Montessori outlined a clear vision of the prepared environment, which supports the adolescent’s growth to one’s full potential – an environment for learning and working that offers real life experiences and engagement in various aspects of social life. In such a community the young adult perfects the way they express themselves through language and art and develop their character – moral code, mathematical thinking and language, broadening their knowledge of living and non-living things, the history of civilization and humankind. The knowledge gained during that period could be profound as long as it relates to real life experiences. Practical work, the encompassing challenges, problem solving and everyday responsibilities lay the foundation for developing the next level of responsibility – social and economic. In a state of vulnerability, as adolescents are, the individual may have doubts and tremulous emotions because they have not yet realized their new abilities. These are born by the need of the adolescent to figure out their own future social self, what is the meaning of my life, how am I good, how am I smart, and their self worth. In that period the young people need a lot of love and security. If not provided, the young mind cannot complete the work it was intended to do. We have to support the development of the whole individual in order for society to really change.