Christmas Concert and Charity Bazaar

What is required is a new world, full of miracles. Children also seem to work miracles when we realise how eagerly they seek independence and the opportunity to work, and they possess great treasures of enthusiasm and love. A new world for a new human — this is our most urgent need.

Maria Montessori

In the ancient time people who lived here celebrated the winter solstice with the feast of Ignazhden on December 20, one of its names being “New Day”. In Bulgarian beliefs, the day of Ignazhden begins the New Year. There is a believe that this day has a magical power and that is why our ancestors observed all the symbols and signs on this day, many magical rituals were also performed.
It is on the eve of the Winter Solstice – that time of year when we celebrate the idea of ​​the reborn Sun. The time of long dark nights is believed to have a powerful regenerative energy that leads us to renewal and self-awareness. It is now that the energy of the Moon Goddess is worshipped, who is believed to give birth to the Sun. This is why ancient civilizations, cultures and religions have created their own rituals to honor and tap into this unique energy.

Traditionally, on the eve of the Winter Solstice, Otkrivatel Montessori School hosts a Christmas concert and charity bazaar. This year the program and organisation of the event was entirely made by our students.

Creative energy and artistry presented through music and dance, magical mood of the children from their hard work.

The excitement and playfulness of the children was sensible in the air. All we – children, parents, teachers and friends,  celebrate discovery and joy, love and kindness.

The Charity bazaar of children from Clouds and Asters&Kometes collected 1 661 leva for the causes chosen by the students 1) Orphanage “St. Nicholas” at the Monastery Sveta Troica, Novi Khan, and 2) “Donate food and supplies for homeless cats and dogs”.

The business initiative of the young people from Eartha was supported with a lot of energy and love, so the realised production worth 347 leva.

Big thanks to everyone in our Otkrivatel community for your continued support! Together we are what makes Otkrivatel Montessori such a special place to learn, work and live.

We wish all living beings on planet Earth love, freedom and joy!

Happy 2023!