Admissions Day for Grades 8-12 for the 2023/24 School Year

Admissions for grades 8-12 for the 2023/24 school year at the Montessori High School “Otkrivatel” are now open! We warmly welcome future high school students to come and meet us.

We invite all candidates on June 21st from 8:30am, when the admissions day for the high school stage will take place. The day will start with a working breakfast, followed by a seminar and open lessons. Each high school candidate will be involved in developing an essay (a response to a life question). We will observe the independent, critical, and creative thinking of the candidates, as well as their functional literacy, ability, and skills to express their ideas in an interesting and engaging way. The admissions day will conclude with lunch, and around 1pm, the high school candidates will be free to continue with their regular day.

The results of the admissions day and the next step – an invitation to join the “Otkrivatel” community, will be given to the candidates within 7 days of taking the exam.

To register the candidate for participation here.

We believe that our Montessori holistic program in sync with the IB program for the high school stage is an excellent preparation for teenagers for the modern world and their adult life.