The students have a truly functioning social organisation and a sense of ownership of their work and study

Otkrivatel Montessori School and the adolescents from the Young People’s community hosted the spring conference of the Montessori Society Bulgaria under the title “The Art of Nurturing the Spirit”, which took place between March 31 and April 2.

Teachers and principals from public and private kindergartens and schools from all over the country talked, exchanged ideas and got inspiration for their work with children. The power of language, the art and secrets of working with clay, keys in music, nature in education, trust games, making Montessori materials, practical guidelines for classroom observation were among the topics of hands-on workshops that immersed all participants in the practical tips and specifics of work to support personality development from birth to adulthood.

Jenny Marie Hoglund was a special guest at the event, and the adolescents took care of the overall organisation of the event – from registration, translation and photo shooting, to providing refreshments and food during the event.

Jenny Marie Hoglund shared her insights of the Montessori community of cooperation in Bulgaria and observations of how happy, attentive and caring are the students in Otkrivatel Montessori School. “They have a truly functioning social organisation and a sense of ownership of their work and study,” shares Jenny. As part of her visit to Bulgaria, she observed in the communities of the Elementary school (grades 1-4) and the activities of the Young People’s community (grades 5-7), participated in the weekly community meeting, did an exciting math workshop, held an inspirational workshop for parents from Otkrivatel Montessori School.

This event demonstrates the power of the community and group work, intelligence and wisdom,  and how children develop their understanding of the possibilities for achieving great goals by working together.

We thank all the participants for the shared ideas, the team and the students of Otkrivatel who supported the event!